Determined to revive the joys of eating decadent, delicious pizzas, Jennifer Murko, (aka, The Lahvish Chef™) has single-handedly created a new kind of pizza that is healthy, low in fat, and destined to be the "Next Big Thing" in the healthy foods industry. Perfect for your family and Lahvish enough to serve at a dinner party... The secret's in the saucy.

Tasty. Saucy. Fresh. Lahvish Pizza™. A fabulously, thin crust pizza that'll knock your socks off; topped with the freshest and best ingredients your taste buds have ever experienced. Each ingredient can actually be eaten on its own -- no masking of heavy sauces or creams. A crust that is fat-free and crispy. Every topping carefully selected, prepared and presented. So come on, Lahvish yourself with a low-calorie, tasty, saucy, fresh pizza. Let your taste buds be your guide and your waistline reap the rewards. An unforgettable, tantalizing, experience...

And, a percentage of profits go to The Audrey Hepburn Children's fund, a non-profit organization.

Lahvishly yours,
Jennifer L. Murko
The Lahvish Chef™
Newport, RI 02840

Further Lahvish Goods and information to come...